I'm a dark-fiction / horror writer based in the south west United Kingdom. From a very young age, I have embraced the dark side of the human psyche and devoured the works of horror icons such as Stephen King, James Herbert, and Shaun Hutson. Having spent my formative years with my nose almost exclusively stuck in the pages of some horrific tome, I discovered that I actually had a few story ideas myself.


Over the years I jotted down a wide variety of outlines and situations, even developing a few into rudimentary stories. However, generally being recognised as a bit of a perfectionist, I never felt confident enough in my abilities to progress any further with my writing at the time... so I became an Engineer.


Despite the passing of time, my love of the macabre always drew me back to those early stories. This came to a head in 2012 when I decided that I would read, edit and re-write as required some of these pieces and put them together into a short story collection. Hence the idea behind the first volume of the Darkness series was born: a compendium of dark fiction stories comprised of my revised early works and some new pieces that had been brewing in my imagination as the minutes, days, months, and years were ticking by.


So here we are now, today, in this moment; I've changed, you've changed, the entire World has changed. There is one thing that doesn't change though. It is something that has been a part of all cultures past and present: storytelling. When the daylight falters, and the creatures who avoid the sun's embrace emerge into the darkness, we gather together for warmth and safety - be it around a communal fire, in an elder hut, or in our favourite armchair - and the storytelling begins.


So maybe you'll sit with me a while, and let me tell you a story



First of all, welcome to my new website! The old site had been active with very little change for a few years and to be honest, it was starting to feel a little stale. It was also a representation of a person that I no longer am. That probably sounds a little deeper than it was meant to; what I mean by that is that I'm essentially looking to start afresh with my writing, and a new-look website is a small and yet still important cog in that greater machine.


I think that it's highly important that I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has purchased or reviewed my previous work.. Every piece of feedback that I've received has helped me in some way and for that, I am hugely grateful.


I write for me - of course I do, every author does; if you're writing on behalf of someone else, then it becomes a job rather than simply a passion - but that doesn't mean that it's not for you as well. I'm a reader of horror fiction, a consumer of the art just as you are. Therefore, while I'm writing stories and situations that I'd like to read about, I hope that they are also things that will pique your interest and that you will enjoy reading.


I'm extremely excited about the work that I'm currently producing and I can't wait to release it into the wild, so to speak. You can find out more about the works in progress by selecting 'Works' from the menu at the top of this page. As always, I welcome feedback in all its forms and would love to hear from you if you feel the need to drop me a message. You can get in touch with me via my Facebook page, Twitter account, or just by email. All the links are just below this wall of text.


The fact that you are reading this, no matter the reason that you landed here, means the world to me. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work, and will take a walk with me through the darkness.

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